ANT-Logistics system users support

Being the developers of ANT-Logistics, we work every time that our users don’t have troubles with our system usage. Here are the links to tutorials and technical support contacts of ANT-Logistics:

If you have a quick question (for example getting the link for instruction about functionality) contact the support and our operators will answer as fast as possible. Online support is available from both: home page and service page.

Complex questions that need calculations check, unloading data and other are maintained by mail support
For chance of getting faster support provide us with the next data:

  1. № of your account in ANT-Logistics:
  2. Specify nature of the error:
    • a) GPS
    • b) Basic functionality (you haven’t found instructions)
    • c) Unloading data (integration through API)
    • d) Analytics
    • e) Mobile application
    • f) Other
  3. Specify the calculation date.
  4. Make the screen of car selection including the first tab Additional parameters, like in example:
    Important! Additional parameters window can’t cover the window of cars selection.
  5. Describe actions step-by-step that make errors. Describing should be informative to make us to repeat the same actions in your account and get the same mistake.
  6. Attach the screenshot with mistake and select fragments if needed.

Important! Having sent the request don’t change the settings of route calculation until the trouble hasn’t been fixed, meanwhile you can use your account without changing it’s settings.